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Valence Ville 26000 Valence (Drôme)
Valence’s auspicious location on the river Rhone, between the mountain ranges of the Vercors and Provence, encourages one to stop off and visit. Even as far back as Roman times its setting was legendary.
Start the visit on the culture trail, the highlights of which are found in the centre of the historic quarters with their twisty streets and passageways accessible only on foot. Here you will visit the Maison des Têtes with its Renaissance facade decorated with 4 heads representing the local winds, from the Mistral to the Tramontane. There is also an interior courtyard, with a fine loggia, showing evidence of Italian influences. Step inside the St-Apollinaire cathedral, particularly noteworthy for its successful conservation of the romanesque decor.
Close by, the Musée des Beaux-Arts et d’Archéologie houses a Gallo-roman mosaic showing the “labours of Hercules” and “Orpheus charming the animals”. Other masterpieces include paintings by Hubert Robert who found inspiration in Italy , and the like of which are only found at St Petersburg ’s Hermitage Museum. Keep walking towards the Parc Jouvet with its pretty bandstand. The grassy paths stretch on towards the banks of the river Rhone, overlooked by Crussol fortress.
A 40km network of flower lined canals thread through the city, an unusual feature which dates back to Roman times.
A gastronomic visit taking in some of the most refined restaurants , including that of Anne-Sophie Pic, can be followed up with the discovery of the local sweet specialities like “pogne” and “Suisse”. The markets held at Place des Clercs offer a range of local delicacies including fruits from the Rhone valley, honey, lamb raised in the Pre-Alpine area, famous Côtes du Rhône wines as well as Montélimar’s renowned nougat.

A walk in the shadow of two water towers :
Such elegant giants!
These two amazing buildings are symbolic of a whole district and are part of France’s heritage of modern architecture. The long, slim design of the Philolaos châteaux seems to defy gravity. 2 700 m 3 of concrete and 321 tons of steel were used to build these massive urban sculptures by Greek artist, Touplas Philolaos. Overlooking the Parc Jean-Perdix, these two tall structures tower 55 m above the ground and for more than 20 years have provided a reference point for local inhabitants.

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  • Atrium 20 rue Jean Louis Barrault 26000 Valence vanaf minimumprijs

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  • Le moulinage de Charamel LIEU DIT CHARAMEL 42520 Véranne

  • Tence Place du Chatiague 43190 Tence

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  • Hôtel Restaurant La Tour 7, Route du Fraisse 43220 Dunières

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  • Au dela des bois Montcoudiol 43140 Saint-Didier-en-Velay

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