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    Guest house
    Practical and friendly, here is what summarizes the formula of guest houses. Whom you are only or in family, come to spend one or several nights at the inhabitant. It is as a friend that you will be welcomed by the host and the hostess who can make you discover the local specialities during the meals which will be proposed to you.
6 in Rhône Alpes.
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Bed and Breakfast in Gravières

Moulin de la Chargeadoire

Henocq Anne La Chargeadoire 07140 Gravières (Ardèche)
Phone : 04 75 94 99 76  - Fax : 04 75 94 99 76
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picture of La Jument Verte chambres d'hôtes & gîtes
  • Average season of 57€ to 87€

Bed and Breakfast in Aix-les-Bains

La Jument Verte chambres d'hôtes & gîtes

Vivet Stephane Verlioz 73100 Aix-les-Bains (Savoie)
Phone : 04 79 34 95 12  - Mobile phone : 06 12 13 14 87
On the heights of Aix-les-Bains (5 km) and the Lake of le Bourget for ideal for the good be proposed to the thermal baths of Aix. La Jument Verte offers 4 bedrooms and a fully equipped trailer in a ...
picture of VILLA ROASSIEUX, chambres d'hote
  • Average season of 95€ to 150€

Bed and Breakfast in Saint-Étienne

VILLA ROASSIEUX, chambres d'hote

TARDY 5 passage J. B. Corot 42000 Saint-Étienne (Loire)
Phone : 04 77 41 20 87

Bed and Breakfast in Lyon


BUISSON 46 Montée du Gourguillon LYON 69001 Lyon (Rhône)
Phone : 06 66 66 11 17
picture of Le moulinage de Charamel
  • High season of 65€ to 75€

Bed and Breakfast in Véranne

Le moulinage de Charamel

Stéphanie et Raphaël BRUGGEMAN LIEU DIT CHARAMEL 42520 Véranne (Loire)
Phone : 04 74 31 75 04
The spinning of Charamel understand 3 bed and breakfast located in Véranne in an ancient spinning silk on the 1st floor. Each room includes a bathroom with shower and toilet.

Breakfast is served ...

Bed and Breakfast in Lyon

Bed et Breakfast a Lyon

Gamulescu Claudiu 10, rue Saint Fiacre, Lyon, France 69001 Lyon (Rhône)
Phone : 04 72 32 02 74
Looking for accommodation? We provide a quick solution! Lyon welcome you to the accommodation of diverse quality. Since 1988 the service of accommodation and tourist or business in Lyon
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